A large family of Kombucha-Dostoevsky tea mushroom

Of all living creatures inhabiting the planet Earth, the Kombucha-Dostoevsky fungus is the least studied and the most mysterious creature. There are several reasons for this, we will focus on the main ones. (The reasons for this, including the most important ones, are so numerous that it will be necessary to get information carriers larger than this sheet or two papers for a brief description of them, so I will restrict myself and briefly bring some  concerning mushroom called Kobucha- Dostoevsky (that is, a tea mushroom (Japanese or Chinese)), and to be more precise, on my own fungus, more precisely the family, because for less than a year of a stay t my house the mushroom has grown, matured and got a family, and if I did not control its fertility (as the People’s Republic of China is controlling the population of its country), then the growth dynamics of the fungus population would be equal to the increase in the population of the globe over the past 150 years.

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